Get Through the Offensive Kokoro
To Become a Husband and Wife who Truly Care for Each Other

(MK from NaganoPrefecture/60s/Female/Housewife) I was a shinja in name only and I hardly went to Kami no Yakata. My ...

What Will You Use Your Strength for?
The Answer Decided the Bright and Dark Sides of My Life

(TA from Chiba Prefecture/60’s/Male/A cook) Thirty years have passed since I became a cook. I finally spend every da...

Keeping Kami’s Teachings in Mind, I Obtained a Respected Life

(TA from Oita Prefecture/70’s/Male/Janitor) Nearing 80 years old, I am still full of energy, enjoying meeting people...

I Found the “Treasure” My Husband has Left Me–Love of Family Filled the Emptiness in My kokoro

(YY from Kyoto Prefecture/90s/Female/Housewife) I’m in my 90s. “I’ve lived long enough. I’m ready to leave this worl...

What I Truly Wanted Was a Calm and Warm Home Environment

(SK from Nagano prefecture/female/30's/Librarian) My Kokoro Could Not Be Honest With My True Feelings Before I tu...

What Is True Conversation?
Kami’s Teachings Brought Family Ties Back in Miraculous Ways

(KI from Kyoto Prefecture/70s/Female) Kami has been teaching us the importance of conversation between a husband and...

My Kokoro’s Favorable Movement Corrected my Preconceived Idea Toward a Colleague, and Turned to a Trusting Relationship

(TK from Iwate Prefecture/Female/60’s/Nurse) At the hospital where I work, there is a male nurse who is as young as ...

Walk the Path to Hope as Husband and Wife
The Power of Kami Changed Our Kokoro 180 degrees

(MI from Hyogo Prefecture/50’s/Female/Nurse) My husband did not believe in the presence of Kami. I also used to ask ...

What is the Most Important Thing?
Realization Brought Me an Amazing Change

 (Saitama TT/50s/Female/Part-time employee) I really appreciated the presence of my family this year. Be Consumed...

Raising a Grandson by Bringing Family’s Strength Together
The Strength of the Family Creates a Healthy Kokoro

(NS from Kanagawa Prefecture / 70’s / Female / Housewife) My grandson, who became five years old, has grown into a h...